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Our Animation Process

Dynamic and innovative in our production process, we have proper procedures and workflow processes incorporated within our teams. This well-defined structure within business functions at Motion Mator enables us to seamlessly complete project milestones on schedule, without losing the innate artistic and creative capabilities that are deeply embedded in our talented video experts.

  • 01
    Creative Brief

    The animation process begins with a comprehensive project brief with key information like client objectives, goals, target audience, etc.

  • 02
    Script Writing

    Next, comes the most important component of your messaging – your video script. Our proficient writers work together with you to formulate your story in a simple and effective manner.

  • 03

    After your script is finalized, storyboarding adds the visual image to your message, followed by customization of characters. Every scene is designed and developed coherently for your intended target audience.

  • 04

    For an immaculate final video product, it is highly essential to find the ideal voice and right tone to deliver your message in an interesting way.

  • 05
    Animation Production & SFX

    This is the part where your video starts to come to life with all the pieces coming together. We start animating each scene with precisely timed motion, and adding SFX, voiceover, and other sound effects.

  • 06
    Finalized & Delivered

    Incorporating our client’s feedback on each project, we conduct intensive editing and review of the animated videos in post-production, making tweaks as required. Finished product is exported to you in the required formats.

Don’t forget how important you are to us! We need your input at every step to help us learn and grow. In return, we promise to keep you updated hoping for an honest feedback along the way.

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